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The challengeCreate a mobile app in one month

Anything from a fully-functional prototype right on up to a finished product available on an app store. Native or web. Alone or with a team. At month’s end, all entrants pitch their products for peer review at a closing hoopla, with prizes to be awarded.

Need to form a team? Bring your ideas OR skills to the event kickoff, hook up with the right people and make it happen.

So, what’s in it for you? It’s definitely not the prizes because, well, they kind of suck. No, this is about lighting a fire under our collective butts to MAKE shit. It’s about meeting and working with other like-minded individuals in this freakishly talented part of the world (you know, networking). It’s about doing something that matters.

Start June 5

Introductions, beer + pizza, networking. Solo entries, take this opportunity to form a team!

End July 10

App presentations, peer review, awards, more pizza + beer, final goodbye hugs


The following advisors have generously volunteered to make themselves available in case you need input, suggestions, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Alfonso Fabrega Designer

Senior visual + experience designer at PixelMEDIA. Illustrator, artist and really awful accordion player elsewhere. @agfabrega

Laura Mason IA/UX

Senior experience architect at PixelMEDIA. Will travel 100 miles for a really good cupcake.

Jaimie GallantDev

Developer at PixelMEDIA. In his free time he enjoys watching cat videos and the Twilight series.


The following sponsors have helped make this thing possible through their generous support

Who's behind this?

Just two dudes, Shawn Grant & Alfonso Fabrega